Australian Boat Schools, (which includes Perth Boat School)

Skippers Ticket should be done in a boat, not a classroom. By letting people use their own boat they are familiar with it, our assessors can also then give new skippers hints on using it in their own familiar surroundings.

CEO – Chief Trainer – Captain Michael Beanland*

Of all the Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) assessors in WA, Captain Michael Beanland is without a doubt one of the most experienced and qualified with his Professional Commercial Skipper qualifications and vast list of experience/s. Mike is a professional Master skipper who has actually operated vessels in a professional commercial capacity in almost every conceivable marine industry sector, including marine tourism, sports, offshore exploration, and owned and run marine commercial enterprises both “down South”, “up North” and Internationally over 20 years. He is a professional writer having written innumerable magazine articles for both the marine boating industry as well as the offshore oil and gas industry. Not only has he operated the boats, he has built boats commercially and for himself, and skippered almost every type of boat and propulsion system imaginable, through all sorts of circumstances, survived 3 cyclones offshore, including sailing his own Catamaran through the eye of one, crossed many oceans and done solo sailing as well as many international crewed voyages. Most ‘other’ assessors have only the minimum qualification to be a trainer, Michael has the maximum. Most ‘other’ Skippers Ticket assessors are only qualified to be crew on a commercial vessel, Michael is the Skipper.

Captain Beanland has his Masters 5 as well as Marine Engineer Driver 3 qualifications and has many international equivalent qualifications including superyacht yacht master offshore. When younger he was a registered Commercial Waterski Instructor and Parasail and Hovercraft Operator. Sailing internationally, racing yachts internationally, delivering and skippering boats nationally and internationally as well as the ocean crossings, commercial and International boating experience will all assist and enable him to adjust his style to suit your needs.

For a short time he managed WA’s largest Pearl Farm (& trained it’s skippers), and for a longer time owned and operated Sailsun International, Dive and Eco charter tours through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and many other places. He skippered and supervised vessel building and it’s operations for a stock market listed exploration company offshore (looking for diamonds off the North Coast of WA) etc etc…..

Very few assessors in WA have the ‘latest’ Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment (Mike has it and used to teach it). Most dont even have the complete certificate, just the minimum required 4 of the 14 units (Mike has done all 14). Assessors also only ‘need’ to have a ‘restricted coxswain’ whereas Mike has his full Masters 5, plus commercial skippering experience. If you can find another assessor who has done more miles, has more qualifications and anywhere near the same experience, let us know. We would like to hire her (or him). We only hire the best.

*A Captain is not a Master 1. Captain is a courtesty name for Master 1’s but not a real rank they hold. Michael was a real Captain. Michael is not a Master 1.


Yes – there is a difference in many boat schools trainers ‘experience’.

‘More experience’ does not mean having been in a boat for more years – because that would mean that the oldest trainer in Perth, was most experienced – and thats not true.

We know there is an Old Trainer who claims to be the most experienced – but fact is – he is NOT.

An old bloke who had been in a boat recreationally a few times a year for the last 50 years, is NOT “more experienced” than a ‘full time’ middle aged professional who had been hands on operating all sorts of boats full time every single day for the past ten years, doing Sea Search and Rescue, done thousands of hours actually ‘operating’ boats, not just fishing. 8 hours recreationally fishing is not the same boating experience as 8 hours operating a boat in a harbour or elsewhere commercially. I know which person will be able to park a boat better, and teach you how to park better as well.

“Most Experienced” can mean who has been on the most boats, the most places, most time, most diversity or most breadth of experiences.