This course is done via correspondence and on your work site, utilising your equipment and on your vessel – or one of ours at our location.

The Coxswain Grade 1 is all 12 of the below units. The first 8 units are the Coxswain Grade 2 and then add 4 more units (plus First Aid and VHF radio Licence) to get the Coxswain Grade 1;

MARN008 – Seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres
MARK007 – Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
MARI003 – Comply with regulations … a vessel up to 12 metres

MARJ006 – Environmental work practices
MARF028 – Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires
MARF029 – Meet work Health and Safety requirements
MARC037 – Operate inboard and outboard motors
MARF027 – Survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment

MARB027 – Servicing and maintenance of main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems
MARC038 – Operate main propulsion unit and auxiliary systems
MARF030 – Survive at sea using survival craft
MARH013 – Plan and navigate a passage for a vessel up to 12 metres

+First Aid HLTAID011 is an AMSA requirement – so you need to get this at another Training Organisation that specialises in this before you can get your Coxswain Grade 1 (you can get it after starting our course, but you must have the First Aid by the time you come to us for the final certificate).

+VHF Radio Licence (SROCP) is also needed before you can get your Coxswain Grade 1, and you can do this with us, either before, during or after you do the Coxswain Units. Tick this in the booking form to add it, if you don’t already have it. You cannot receive your Coxswain Grade 1 Certification until you get it.


Theory part is Correspondence and online Study at Home. You can take up to 6 months if you need, average students take about 4 weeks, plus 1 -2 days Exams and Practical.


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Easy to customise also, to add or remove items you want, or don’t want or don’t need. Useful if you have done some units elsewhere (click RPL for those units).


There is no Oral assessment any more, this has been replaced by an AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA) which is done by us if you want. Our senior Authorised Assessor can do the AMPA.
These are separate to the course and can be booked at the time you book your course, or booked and paid for at the end, or you can even do it at another place such as TAFE etc. You choose.
Cost is on the enrolment page.



Download the:

1. Eyesight test certificate

The Eyesight test certificate form 542 lets us know that your eyesight meets the necessary standard for working at sea.

If you are colour blind, you will be restricted to working in daylight hours only.

2. Guidelines for the medical assessment of near coastal seafarers

Provide the medical practitioner with the Guidelines for the medical assessment of near coastal seafarers.

Get your eyesight tested by a qualified medical practioner, and get the practioner to complete the Eyesight test certificate for you.

If you have a current AMSA medical (Certificate of medical fitness form 303) you can use this in place of the Eyesight test certificate.

You must submit your completed form as part of your Certificate of competency application form 426.

Within the Certificate of competency application there is a declaration of medical fitness that you must complete. This lets us know that you are medically fit to work at sea.


You need to show you have experience working at sea in a deck, or a deck and engineering capacity, on vessels greater than or equal to five metres long. You must have completed either:

  • 30 days on commercial vessels with a completed approved task book
  • 240 days on any vessels without a task book.

You must complete at least half of the qualifying sea service required for the certificate in the five years before the application.

If you have completed a task book you must attach a copy of the seafarer details page to your application.

If at least half of your sea service is not to seaward of sheltered waters, your certificate will be restricted to sheltered waters.

You need to submit at least one of the following as proof of qualifying sea service:

  • Record of sea service form 771
  • an approved sea service log book
  • the on board sea service record from your task book
  • a letter from the vessel operator, owner, master or chief engineer detailing your sea service.

Read more about qualifying sea service.

If you want a task book

You can get a Coxswain Grade 1 task book from us or from some registered training organisations. To order a task book directly from us, use the AMSA chargeable publications order form.

Read more about task books.


Complete a coxswain grade 1 course at a registered training organisation.

You will need to submit your course completion certificate or your interim certificate of competency with your Certificate of competency application form 426.


You must also hold a:

  • valid HLTAID003 Provide first aid certificate, or equivalent.
  • Short range operator certificate of proficiency, or equivalent.

If you do not hold these certificates, contact a registered training organisation.


You can complete a Certificate of competency application form 426 online or download a pdf version and then complete it.

You need to complete all sections of the form. You must:

  • respond yes or no to all questions and statements in the application form
  • complete all boxes (if the information requested is unknown or not applicable insert N/A)
  • download apdf version of the form to generate your barcode
  • print the form
  • attach copies of all required documents
  • sign the declaration
  • submit your application and pay a fee at an AMSA-contracted Australia post outlet
  • provide proof of identity when you lodge your application.

Read more about completing and submitting your application for a domestic certificate.


Vessel length
  • 12m
Inboard motor size
  • Up to 500kw
Outboard motor size
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
Day or night
  • Yes, both
Distance from shore
  • Inshore waters (which means 15nm) there is a technical answer, but this is the rule of thumb simple answer.
  • Also as a tender or aux vessel inside 3nm from mother ship in the EEZ.
    NOTE: this can change, check the latest on AMSA website


You will need internet access, your own copy (digital or hard copy) of Australian Boaters Manual, plus a Commercial vessel for the practical.

Australian Boat School abilities

Fine Print: we are not responsible for keeping an eye on AMSA, we do what we can, but part of your responsibility is to check with AMSA as they change. We provide the proper Nationally Accredited course. We will assist, but we aren’t your mum, so you need to check whether the course and the Certification and Qualification is what you need for the job you are doing.