Coxswain Grade 2

The Coxswain Grade 2 is 8 units of the 13 units needed to get a FULL Coxswain, so it is almost a full Coxswain.


MARN008 – Seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres
MARK007 – Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
MARI003 – Comply with regulations … a vessel up to 12 metres
MARJ006 – Environmental work practices
MARF028 – Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires
MARF029 – Meet work Health and Safety requirements
MARC037 – Operate inboard and outboard motors
MARF027 – Survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment 


You do a Correspondence Course to cover the Theory and a little of the Practical (ropes, knots, splicing, whipping). You must be able to access the internet and must be able to work by yourself, finding things online, researching etc. We tell you everything, tell you which video to watch, which chapter to read, then you need to answer questions in the workbook we provide. It is NOT an academic course, it is made by boat crews, for boat crews and is based on reality, but meets compliance specifications of regulators. The Australian Boating Manual (Dick Gandy) is also needed, which you can get as a digital or hard copy. Digital is good because you can easily search for the information needed to answer questions in the Correspondence Course. Some people prefer a hard copy. Either way, you need to get one for yourself. We send you a boxed Kit that includes many videos, many downloads and almost everything that you need, other than some items that you must find online.


Technically it is a ‘290 nominal hours’ course. Most places that do classroom type theory courses make it a 10 day course, but we do not do that.
We allow you the flexibility to do it as fast or as slow as you need, you get up to 6 months to do it. If you are an experienced boater, you can do it as fast as you want. It is self paced study, so no time is wasted learning the theory knowledge if you are one of our students that already know boats. If you need more time to go over it again and again, you can do that. Or you can do it all fairly quickly – do it at your own speed, as fast or as slow as you want. If you already know all the theory and can prove it by filling in the workbooks, you can do it in a week if you want. The final AMPA exam is the same assessment for everyone, so whether you have a lifetime of knowledge or done a few weeks in a classroom, or spent 6 months doing our course – everyone must pass the same final theory and practical assessment. Thats the flexibility industry needs.


Enrol and pay using the green BOOK NOW button (top left)
You will receive a notification that your boxed kit is ready for collection within 1-2 business days, or you can request it be mailed to you.

First you read the Kit Study Notes, watch the videos and answer the questions in the written workbooks in the Kit (30 hours approx is what many say it takes them, however it is technically a lot more for some people).
Next you then study the theory (for as long as you need to know it well). We give you practice tests before the end.
Every thing you need to know by the end is what you are ‘supposed to’ do on a commercial vessel, so it is all REAL life learning with a purpose. 

Once you have done the Theory, written the answers to all the questions we send you, and studied what we tell you to study, you meet the trainer/assessor at an agreed location.

When you meet with the trainer / assessor your Theory written work is checked and discussed, and you must pass a Theory written closed book test. Then you get in the boat (your boat if you have a boat over 5m with all the relevant items) and do all the practical training, as well as practical assessment.



You also need to pass the AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA) which is what has replaced the Orals. These are conducted on the same day as your Practical.

When you have passed our final exam you get a Certificate from us, when you pass the AMPA and if you have all the AMSA requirements including seatime, you can apply ($110) for our AMSA Authorised Final Assessor to provide an Interim Certificate of Competency . Once you have received it you can immediately start work on a commercial boat, right then! 


We have our main, fully equipped facility at Woodman Point and can also travel to worksites all around Australia. Our calendar changes all the time, so we should be able to find a date for you. We work with FIFO all the time. We have vessels available at Woodman Point / Jervoise Bay, plus we also send trainers everywhere in Australia (you just arrange and pay for transport and accommodation of a trainer to come to you – we don’t charge extra for on site assessments, no matter where they are).

VESSEL for Practical

This can ONLY be done on a legal commercial vessel. We have compliant commercial vessels available if a student does not have access to their own surveyed vessel. Vessel hire is generally $600 per day, however for students we keep the max cost per student to $250 each for up to 1 day. If your own vessel is illegal or unregistered etc, it cannot be used. It must be absolutely compliant with the newest AMSA regulations. ie Certificate of Operation, SMS etc.



Download the:

1. Certificate of medical fitness for a near coastal certificate

The Certificate of medical fitness for domestic seafarers form 1850 lets us know that you are medically fit for working at sea.

If you are colour blind, you will be restricted to working in daylight hours only.

2. Standards for the medical assessment of domestic seafarers

Provide a medical practitioner with the Standards for the medical assessment of domestic seafarers and have them fill out the Certificate of medical fitness for domestic seafarers form 1850.
If you have a current AMSA medical (Certificate of medical fitness form 303) you can use this instead.

You must submit your completed medical form with your Certificate of competency application form 426.


You need to show you have experience working at sea on board commercial or recreational vessels. You must have completed either:

  • 7 days with a completed approved task book
  • 60 days without a task book.

You must complete at least half of the qualifying sea service required for the certificate in the five years before the application.

If you have completed a task book you must attach a copy of the seafarer details page to your application.

You need to submit at least one of the following as proof of qualifying sea service:

  • Record of sea service form 771
  • an approved sea service log book
  • the on board sea service record from your task book
  • a letter from the vessel operator, owner, master or chief engineer detailing your sea service.

Read more about qualifying sea service.

If you want a task book

You can get a Coxswain grade 2 task book from us or from some registered training organisations. To order a task book directly from us, use the AMSA chargeable publications order form.

Read more about task books.


Complete a coxswain grade 2 course at a registered training organisation.

You will need to submit your course completion certificate or your interim certificate of competency with your Certificate of competency application form 426.


Download and complete a Certificate of competency application form 426.

You need to complete all sections of the form. You must:

  • respond yes or no to all questions and statements in the application form
  • complete all boxes (if the information requested is unknown or not applicable insert N/A)
  • attach copies of all required documents
  • sign the declaration
  • submit your application and pay a fee at an AMSA-contracted Australia post outlet
  • provide proof of identity when you lodge your application.

Read more about completing and submitting your application for a domestic certificate.


Vessel length
  • 12m
Inboard motor size
  • Up to 100kw (130hp)
Outboard motor size
  • Unlimited
  • No
Day or night
  • Yes, both
Distance from shore
  • In sheltered
  • As a tender or aux vessel inside 3nm from mother ship in the EEZ
  • Within 3nm from point of departure, shore base or aquaculture lease
    NOTE: this can change, check the latest on AMSA website

Colour blindness is a problem for some people

You should check colour vision here and also here

Other items you may need include: 

We provide everything you need in the Correspondence Pack that you receive when you book.

AMSA Paperwork – we will work with you to make sure you get to finish, by assisting you and guiding you through the AMSA online certification process. Assisting you with Medical, and Sea Time assessment information.


CLICK THIS to SEE the cost customised to your needs. 

Because so many students have different requirements we let you customise your order. You can add or remove items so you get the BEST CHEAPEST price possible.

You will also need to pay ±$90 Australian Boaters Manual (you can get this yourself at a book shop, or order online) but many of our clients already have this, so we reduce our course cost by not including this, so you can get it yourself or borrow one or some people even use one from a library.

External Commercial Vessel hire if needed (vessel hire costs $600 per day, however our students pay $250 each maximum for the day. If you want to be trained and assessed on your own vessel, it must be legal Commercially registered.

We can come to you – anywhere in Australia (you just organise and pay for travel and accomodation costs).

Other costs that you don’t pay to Perth Boat School will be the;

Medical tests and Govt fees, which change from time to time. (CLICK this to see AMSA website COSTS page).

Australian Boat School abilities

Fine Print: we are not responsible for keeping an eye on AMSA, we do what we can, but part of your responsibility is to check with AMSA as they change. We provide the proper Nationally Accredited course. We will assist, but you do need to check whether the course and the Certification and Qualification is what you need for the job you are doing.